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The Impact Of Immigrant Children On America's Public Schools

Most people don't think of their children as serving in the front lines of our immigration conflict. Yet as Christopher Daly points out, they are not only daily participants, but are most likely to sustain long term damage to their educational progress.

From the article overview:

As a nation we have...

America as the Last Man Standing
Europe News

Geert Wilders, chairman Party for Freedom, the Netherlands

Speech of Geert Wilders, Chairman, Party for Freedom, the Netherlands, at the Four Seasons, New York, September 25, 2008

Geert Wilder's speech is startling in several ways. First, in its...

Collision Course: Infrastructure and U.S. Population Growth

In this article the author provides statistical support  to clarify many of our immigration issue's most contentious aspects.


American infrastructure faces two enormous challenges. Much of it was built shortly after World War II, so it is outdated and has been allowed to deteriorate. Equally important:...

The Demolition of a Nation, One Step At A Time

Canadian author Tim Murray puts his country's immigration policy and methods under a microscope and performs a detailed dissection of names, dates, numbers, legislation and electoral consequences. Although Canada's scale is far smaller than ours, Americans should pay close attention to Murray's account to see how political...

The Refugee Mess: What Are We Creating In America?

A firing line approach to immigration from a different source and with a different solution.


Every time we import another refugee or other legal immigrant into America, we displace them from their homes. We force them into an alien society. We push them into new customs, a new language and an entirely...

Earth Day and Population - A Missed Opportunity

The author provides an open and detailed view of how important national issues such as our environment and population can be diverted by special interests and/or political indifference.

Veteran NPG commentator Leon Kolankiewicz, who authored the new report, highlights the ironic abandonment of overpopulation by...

Framework of the Future

The professional baseball catcher and homespun philosopher Yogi Berra once famously said: “Predictions are always difficult, especially about the future.” Probably true. Nevertheless, enough facts and trends are already emerging so that, to a considerable extent, the framework in which humanity will have to live is becoming...

Growth of Foreign-Born Population Surges as U.S. Economy Recovers

Any reader interested in seeing America at mid-century should reflect upon author Simcox's views and the numbers that support them.

Summary and Introduction

Census projections proclaim that, with Americans’ fertility falling and deaths soon to begin rising, immigration – not natural increase – will become...

The Singular Century
Negative Population Growth

Here Dr. Youngquist details the defining conflict of our century between the demands of our wealthy industrial society/economy and the supply of natural resources required to fuel it.

Youngquist looks at economic and demographic realities. He refers to three great revolutions in history: The agricultural revolution...

Toward Negative Population Growth: Cutting legal Immigration by Four-Fifths
Negative Population Growth

This is the gold standard of immigration comment, as it offers a thorough and factual analysis of the problem and also identifies specific remedies required for its solution.

Executive Summary

Mass immigration, whether through established or extra-legal channels, has by default become the nation’s de facto...

Overpopulation: The Ultimate Exploiter
Negative Population Growth


All are welcome and all are invited – especially those who care about leaving the world in better shape than we found it. Every problem is affected by this great exploiter. Overpopulation diminishes our resources, landscapes, water supply, and the ability of our climate to regulate itself. Our poor and...

Australia's Responsibility to Future Generations as to Overpopulation

After cycling the entire perimeter of Australia, I attest to the reality that 90 percent of your country remains a massive desert with limited arable land and water. Having read the report that Victoria's population is now set to reach 10 million by 2051, I must alert you to the consequences and futility of endless...

The Hard Lessons That They Don’t Teach You At Indoctrination U.

My friend has a problem. Her granddaughter, an honors student about to graduate from a reputable American university, chose the occasion of a family get-together to preach the gospel of Bernie Sanders. Fearing that a heated argument might ensue, she attempted to disengage with a polite reply, “I disagree.” It was a graceful...

The Impact of Refugees on the Size and Security of the U.S. Population
There are an estimated 20 million refugees in the world. If the U.S. (and every other “rich” country) were to double – or even triple – its spending on efugee resettlement, still only a fraction of the global refugee population could be absorbed.  Rather than allowing a lucky few to settle here – and then bandoning them almost...
The Scale of Things and Demographic Fatigue
NPG - Negative Population Growth
Excerpt:   The earth is straining under a demographic assault on a scale never  before  seen. The  overwhelming  scale  of  its  problems comes from resource demands of continued population growth, the problem that underlies nearly all other problems.

From the time of the appearance of modern humans it took 200,000...

Dying of Thirst: Population Growth, Climate Change Aggravate Water Shortages
Water – Much More Than Just the “Universal Solvent”   Chemists refer to water as the “universal solvent,” because it is capable of dissolving a wide range of different substances. In fact, more substances or chemical compounds can dissolve in water than in any other liquid.   Water’s unique chemical composition and...
Immigration Drives U.S. Population Growth
U.S. population, 322 million by late 2015, is growing by over 2.5 million per year. According to one study, the country can sustain a population of only 200 million, and that’s only if we cut energy consumption by half.   The key to population stability is a sustained drop in fertility to the “replacement rate” level,...
The Clean Fuel That Changes Everything
Environmental Sanity: At the bottom of empty trash cans
Imagine a world that no longer dumps its trash, garbage, toxic wastes and sludges into “sanitary” landfills or burns it in “waste to electricity” incinerators. Imagine electric power produced from coal via extra clean gasification with no smokestack emissions, augmenting the growing power of solar, tidal and wind farms....