Principles And Government

The purpose of Principles And Government is to objectively present to the American public the vital issues facing our country without spin, party ideology or special interest interpretation. This will be accomplished with language that is brief, clear and factual — designed to reveal, not to conceal.

Principles And Government will explore the most important issues that face our country — including its growing debt, the increasingly clear evidence of the consequences of climate change, rising food prices, dysfunctional government, selective law enforcement, tax code revision, immigration, and other pressing policy matters.

America is in a difficult position today. Our political structure is bitterly divided, controlled by funding from special interests and has transformed our electoral process into an exercise of mass marketing rather than the exchange of information.

Throughout history, the inevitable decline and failure posed by poor and deceitful government has led to its replacement by revolution or conquest. Fortunately for us, the present deterioration of our government's quality and character need not be terminal.

Principles And Government serves as a public interest research and opinion center. By presenting information objectively we will counter much of the present ideological political discourse.

And our coverage will include, whenever appropriate, the potential side effects of government action upon specific communities or segments of our society. These details, and especially their side effects, tend to go unnoted and unreported in our mainstream media's packaged coverage of issues.

Editor's note: this site is being maintained posthumously for archival purposes. Bromwell Ault passed in 2021.