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Why Principles And Government ?

Principles And Government will be essential in several important ways:

1) Principles And Government will cover issues, both national or global, that will have long "shelf life" and can be revisited for continuity regardless of daily headlines.

2) Quite apart from analyzing the political result of passage of policy initiatives or legislation, Principles And Government will objectively present to the American public the vital issues facing our country without spin, party ideology or special interest interpretation. This will be accomplished with language that is brief, clear and factual — designed to reveal, not to conceal.

3) Principles And Government will serve a unique purpose: to expose the public to both the obvious and subtle aspects of our national issues, after which the voter will be sufficiently informed to make rational choices. Our coverage will not attempt to persuade, sensationalize, convert or bring about a predetermined response. The end result will be that of a better informed voter.

4) Principals And Government will aim to include, whenever appropriate, the potential side effects of government action upon specific communities or segments of our society. These details, and especially their side effects, tend to go unnoted and unreported in our mainstream media's packaged coverage of issues.

5) Our treatment of any issue will provide analysis of its major elements and what impact government policy and/or legislation might have on the public.

6) Throughout our nation's history, politics and extraordinary economic growth our progress has always been accompanied and strengthened by our constitutional principles. At some times their presence has been a commanding one, and at other times, like our own, much less so. A respectful view of our Constitution will always guide our editorial content.

7) The value of our approach will lie in the clarity and fairness of our presentation of fact and circumstance which will enable Principles And Government's audience to more readily form opinion and express it as political or civic choice.