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The Impact of Refugees on the Size and Security of the U.S. Population

There are an estimated 20 million refugees in the world. If the U.S. (and every other “rich” country) were to double – or even triple – its spending on efugee resettlement, still only a fraction of the global refugee population could be absorbed.  Rather than allowing a lucky few to settle here – and then bandoning them almost immediately after their arrival, refugees are better served by upgrading refugee camps and removing barriers to their repatriation...
We also cannot ignore the burden on existing American citizens – who stand to face higher competition for certain jobs, pay more in taxes to support these new additions to their community, and who will live with the environmental consequences of this rapid population growth (pollution, water scarcity, runoff, overdevelopment, energy shortages, etc.).  In all, the push for ever-more refugees has become a “feel-good activity” – but one that unfortunately will end 
up harming more people than it helps.

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