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Our Plundered Planet and a Future of Less


The author bases this piece on his vast personal experience and his deep familiarity with the works of such experts as: Chris Clugston on rising scarcity of non-renewable resources (NNRs); Lester Brown on world food production that now lags population growth; and NPG author and advocate Lindsey Grant...

Running Out of Water - Limited Carrying Capacity in Australia, America, Canada and Europe

What is the carrying capacity of America’s landmass? How many more people can its water, energy and other resources sustain? How can it maintain quality of life with its projected 100,000,000 (100 million) added immigrants in the next 30 years? How can it continue exponential growth in a finite area? What ramifications do...

Chad Pregracke: Cleaning up the Mississippi River one piece at a time
Chad Pregracke lives on a barge. His life's work is to clean up the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River sweeps millions of bottles, cans, tires, oil, plastic bags and containers, along with junk of every description, and chemicals into the Gulf of Mexico 24/7. From Minnesota, where it starts as a six-foot-wide, 15-inches-deep stream, it travels 2,552 miles and drops 1,772 feet through nine states until...

The Other Side of Soil Erosion
Long-term Erosion of our Productive Farmland Base from U.S. Population Growth
Negative Population Growth

Introduction - Appreciating the Land That Feeds Us

In the new century, sustainable agriculture has become a buzzword of sorts, and fresh, healthy (preferably organic), locally-grown food is an ideal if not a mantra.  In the Mid-Atlantic States, for example, the popular retro restaurant chain Silver Diner (with 15...

Open Letter to a Network News Program
Speak to what's happening to average Americans
Today, while watching an important broadcast, I was amazed by its omission of serious issues that face the American people at a time when we have a host of major topics that call for comment:
  1.  Immigration drives our country toward adding 100 million more immigrants within 35 years. That number cannot be sustained...
NPG Statement on Population
Negative Population Growth
We believe that the optimum rate of population growth is negative.    We believe that the optimum rate of population growth for the United States (and for the world) is negative, until such time as the scale of economic activity – and its environmental effects – is reduced to a level that would be sustainable indefinitely...
A Geomoment of Affluence Between Two Austere Eras
Negative Population Growth

During most of human history austerity has been the norm. Only recently have some segments of world population enjoyed an affluent life. But these are very unusual times, far from the norm. It now appears human history can be broken into three distinct eras. First, came the long march from the millennia of the hunter-...

Rapid Population Decline for Our Children
One Hundred Times Beyond the Carrying Capacity
Introduction: Dr. Alpert is a distinguished scientist who has written originally, mathematically and forcefully about global population, its numbers that confront us and policy options  available for our response. Although his specific suggestions for proactive efforts to meet the threat of unrestricted population growth may...
The Demolition of a Nation, One Step At A Time

“...the people of Canada do not wish, as a result of mass immigration, to make a fundamental alteration in the character of our population.” Prime Minister Mackenzie King, May 1st, 1947

“It is rare for a nation... to turn in a completely new direction. It is unusual for a...

Five Stages of Awareness? (or is it Six?)

I don't know if I have met anyone who is not, at some level, in a state of denial, including the guy I see in the mirror. Call it an essential human 'coping mechanism'

Reflecting on my own "evolution" (without any implication that I am 'improving' or 'progressing' forward), I am now of the impression that many of us...

Virtue in a Jack-Boot: Anthony Browne on Political Correctness

Anthony Browne’s The Retreat of Reason—Political Correctness and the Corruption of Debate in Modern Britain is just one of a long litany of books written about the scourge of left-wing McCarthyism that has seized control of every important institution in the Anglophone world. Nevertheless the subject is of such critical...

Fear of War led to appeasement and denial of Nazi and Jihadist threat

“We are at war with Islam. Why do otherwise intelligent people insist on saying otherwise? Either they have sold out to Islam--if they are politicians, they're trolling for votes, or they are in the pay of wealthy Islamic organizations--or they just can't bear the thought that we actually are in a...

The Purpose of Multicult-Speak: Killing the Canadian in the Child
"The purpose of Newspeak was not only to provide a medium of expression for the world-view and mental habits proper to the devotees of IngSoc, but to make all other modes of thought impossible. It was intended that when Newspeak had been adopted once and for all and Oldspeak forgotten, a heretical thought -- that is, a thought...
Translation Dictionary - Cultural Marxism to Plain Standard English
Cultural Marxism: Standard English:


uniformity of thought and speech


Someone who is winning the argument


Something that only whites are capable of


Something that only men are capable of


Geography Is Destiny
Matters of Conscience
Our current most demanding national issues — the environment, excessive population growth, government reform, immigration — require our leaders to be able to look to and plan for the future in ways they no longer possess. Their failure increases the pressures of money and power that have eroded our democracy and our principles...
Our Mainstream Media and the Bergdahl Matter: Is Something Missing?
The story of Sgt. Bowe  Bergdahl’s  military service in Afghanistan, his imprisonment by the Taliban and his exchange for five high ranking Taliban prisoners at Guantanamo Bay has stirred different emotions among his fellow Americans. Some feel compassion for the circumstances that he encountered; others are angered by...
Time’s Up, Democrats and Republicans! Immigration Has to Be Fixed Now

The immigration surge at the border may have been planned, but neither party is benefiting from the reaction. The truth is neither Republicans nor Democrats wanted this issue to surface, particularly before the elections.

Both parties have supported de facto open borders for decades. The Republicans eagerly...

Overpopulation in America part 18 - Fishing Our Oceans to Death

Oceanographer Callum Roberts said, “The oceans of today are filled with ghost habitats, stripped of their larger inhabitants. Our dismantling of marine ecosystems is having destructive and unpredictable consequences. With species loss and food web collapse comes dangerous instability. The seas are undergoing ecological...