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The Singular Century

Negative Population Growth

Here Dr. Youngquist details the defining conflict of our century between the demands of our wealthy industrial society/economy and the supply of natural resources required to fuel it.

Youngquist looks at economic and demographic realities. He refers to three great revolutions in history: The agricultural revolution, the industrial revolution, and the forthcoming revolution of sustainability which he declares "the most important revolution of all in that its outcome will be the framework in which all humanity will have to exist for the indefinite future."

Professor Youngquist uses his many years of professional experience to provide the reader an easy-to-grasp analysis of declining resources in an ever-expanding world.  Citing examples from around the globe, he clearly demonstrates the incredible challenges of tomorrow and how population size and growth will play a major role moving forward.  He very succinctly states:  "A common public answer is that 'scientists will think of something' but so far this has not happened."

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